"Architecture should be either generous or wasteful."

 Southampton, NY

Southampton, NY


Christoph Wassmann

Christoph Wassmann is a designer and architect from Austria who currently lives and works in Vienna. He has worked for Dimitris Manikas, Rüdiger Lainer, NL Architects, Architektur Consult, BEHF and Herzog & de Meuron. Currently he is director of competitions at hochform architects, Vienna.
He was involved in building and masterplanning projects in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria, including the Musiktheater Linz (completed 2013), the “Haus mit Veranden – Buchengasse, Vienna”, the mountain restaurant Chäserugg (completed 2015) and the Zellweger Park housing project at Uster in Switzerland (completed 2015).  In 2008, he co-founded IFAG , an architecture and history research studio, and produced together with Ute Bauer-Wassmann “Graffiti im Flakturm”, an exhibition investigating in the traces of forced labor inside Vienna flak towers.  Since 2008, he and Ute Bauer-Wassmann have been working on the development of the memorial site Loibl-Nord, in Carinthia, Austria.